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16 days, and the accident is a distant, if somewhat twingey, memory.

The hell that is Insurance Adjustment (otherwise known as “Where’s raku’s car?”) continues on.

“They”, the rusty cogs of “approved” contractors, have managed to lose my vehicle twice, and suffer from the most fascinating bouts of amnesia, on all sides.

XXX Towing Company removes the car from the scene on the evening of the 21st, with the intent of taking it to YYY Garage. Clearly, on my insurance companies tab (that would be why I provided them with the insurance policy information, yes?). YYY Garage, as it happens, is closed, so XXX Towing Company offers to take the car back to their impound for the rest of the weekend, at no extra charge. Lovely.

The morning of the 22nd, we realize that a body shop would be more appropriate than a garage, and call the insurance company for advise. They recommend ZZZ Auto Body, we call XXX Towing Company, and all appropriate arrangements are made.

Or so I thought.

On the 26th, I receive a call from ZZZ Auto Body, asking me where my car is. Don’t you have it, I ask. Apparently not. C calls the towing company first, and gets some tale about impound fees owing, and they couldn’t possibly deliver the vehicle before they are paid. He’s confused; I’m livid. And more than happy to call back to tear a strip off of anybody handy. Impound fees up front, when its being covered by insurance? I don’t think so. And 5 days worth, when they didn’t bother to tell us that they wouldn’t be delivering the car on Monday after all? Fat chance.

The receptionist was cool, calm, and gratifyingly apologetic. Their fuck up, yes. She would see that it was fixed right away. No, of course we don’t owe them anything. Yes, it would be delivered to ZZZ Auto Body right away. That very night. Had she mentioned how sorry she was?

Someone’s feeling a little better by this point.

Feb 27th. The Insurance Adjustor calls. States very clearly that she has spoken with somebody from ZZZ Auto Body. She is very specific about the details. They have looked over the car. They have stated that the car is indeed a complete write-off. She describes back the extent of the damage, which matches our recollection of the vehicle. She mentions that we will want to make arrangements to retrieve any personal effects from the vehicle. She also mentions that an Insurance Appraiser will be stopping by the ZZZ Auto Body the following Monday morning, to finalize things.

This is all very clear.

I’m feeling like this is progress. I’m feeling pretty good about it all, actually. She also mentions that the other guy’s insurance company has not accepted liability yet, but expects they will shortly.

I call ZZZ Auto Body, confirm who I am, and which vehicle is mine, and let them know that the Appraiser will be by on Monday to take a look at things. No problem, says they.

Monday comes and goes. As does the rest of the week. I hear nothing, and assume that it takes a few days to finalize paperwork. Besides, life’s busy.

Until this morning. I call Insurance Adjustor, and leave a message, asking for an update on Things. She calls back, and asks me where my car is.

I know I’ve heard this one before.

You know damn well where my car is. You were the last one to confirm its whereabouts to me.

Now she claims to have no knowledge of the car arriving at ZZZ Auto Body, or the details of our conversation on the 27th, or to any Appraiser going to ZZZ Auto Body on the 1st.

I call ZZZ Auto Body, and they claim similar ignorance. The very helpful fellow keeps pointing to our conversation on the morning of the 26th (which he does remember) as “proof” that the car is still not there.

I call XXX Towing Company, and get the same receptionist. Yes, she remembers me and my car. Yes, she remembers having it towed the evening of the 26th. They’ve even got documentation of the delivery, which she can have faxed to me in the morning.

So I’m fuming. C is tying up Insurance Adjustor’s voice mail with lengthy rants. Dad’s partner, it turns out, knows the owner of ZZZ Auto Body, and is experimenting with how far old fashioned networking can go in a situation like this.

And I am NEVER having another car accident again!