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Hush, People, What's That Sound...

Returned from the airport—everyone (but me) is in Phoenix for the holidays. C is shindigging with clients in Toronto, and I’m hiding out at mum’s for the evening.


I could close my eyes, and the entire season might slip past with only a Guinness or two to show for it.

And Nigel Hawthorne on the tellie (he was something, back then).

And maybe a new cat.

There’s a stray that cries on the back porch. At least I hope she’s a stray—I’ve let her in the house once already, and have taken to leaving food out. By the Feast of Stephen, I’ll have her moved in, and tagged. Erika, I think. Which will bring us from 1 cat to 4 in the space of 2 months.

I haven’t written a word since NaNo, which makes for an odd sort of withdrawal. Late in the morning, my hands start shaking, and the oddest phrases come into my head. Openers, segues. A call on Sad Goat twists into a vignette, which I can’t quite shape. Stories, everywhere, but none of them mine.

Could be I need a drink.