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A Meme and a Song...

No wait, just a meme.

“The way to do this is take the list from the previous person, remove the names of authors whose works are not on your shelves, and replace them with authors whose works you have, keeping the list at ten authors.”


Hermann Hesse Georges Bataille Lytton Strachey H.D. Henry Miller John Fowles Arthur Rimbaud Charles Baudelaire Anais Nin Oscar Wilde


Hermann Hesse Henry Miller John Fowles Charles Baudelaire Anais Nin Oscar Wilde Noam Chomsky Edward Gorey Francesca Lia Bloch Peter S. Beagle

When I as working at WfW, I passed the Duke St. hydro substation (long deserted) with more than a slightly wistful eye. I think its the high-arching gothic windows. Large-ish for a substation, but small for industrial space, something about it begged to be converted, to be lived in.

Not that I ever would.

I mean could.

But its the funniest thing. I hadn’t thought about the building in over a year, maybe two. And suddenly C’s decided its not a house we need to find, its a perfectly quaint, perfectly square big little red brick substation. Office and computer lab taking up the lower floor, and the upper will still be larger than Le Petit Avocado was.

They’re only asking ~100K, and according to City plans, it costs circa 70K to convert a substation into a liveable house (who woulda thought, they’ve done this before). That’s still cheaper than any 3000+ sq foot house will be.

So who knows ^^;;;;