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Makoto Shinkai Joy Day

Hoshi no Koe arrived today.

I haven’t watched it yet (4 months of recalling how beautiful it was, and now I’m afraid it won’t live up to memory –_–;;).

I did watch Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko. Again and again and. Shinkai-san described it as “image poetry”, rather than traditional narrative. Indeed. Its black and white, which suits his artistic style. The effect is almost like pouring over old photographs, and the accompanying nostalgic rush. Its slow, innocent and languid, and almost wrenches the heart.

Also finally watched the Egao music video. 4 versions on the DVD, although I can’t tell the difference between 2 of them. Two are “standard” animation, one presents the animation within a hand-drawn frame, and one uses story boards rather than the finished work. The song itself, eh….. bland. But the animation is whimsicle, and carries on Shinkai-san’s fascination with the way our relationships colour our perspectives, and the thought that relationships with pets can be just as moving as those with people. (Although I think He and His Person would be a better title =P) More simply, its a day in the life (fantasy and otherwise) of a domestic hamster. Trendy to boot!

Kumo no Mukou, Yakusoku no Basho’s release now seems forever away.

Also found an english language fan site –

How emphatic can I be? Go! Go now and buy Hoshi no Koe! ADV has released it as Voices of a Distant Star.