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I Used to Fret About Same-sex Marriage

“Maybe competition from responsible gays would revive opposite-sex marriage.”

QotD courtesy of William Safire (June 30, NYT).

Toutomoutochan used the most remarkable word, as recently as last evening – “Discipline.” Discipline. ……. Discipline. It has that exciting mouth feel which all new words have. In context (??!) “I try to write every day (for the discipline).”

It sounds uncomfortable, actually, hanging over my tongue a little longer than it should. Dangeours even. Like it could roll back down my throat and choke me.

Saying it is almost like acknowledging cause and effect. Being ::shudder:: pro-active?

I’m such a follower.

Every day, you say?

What is this writing thing, anyway?

Now reading! That’s more like it!

Its been a reading morning. Pillows, books, warm bodies piled high on the bed. The papasan is currently on end in the dining room (its a summer arrangement), so the bed. We have Noam Chomsky’s Pirates and Emperors, Old and New, as a nod to Tuesday’s screening of Power and Terror. The introduction begins with a parable of sorts. St. Agustine, telling the story of Alexander the Great and a pirate, discussing the difference between pirates and emporers. Its all in the scale, you know.

Warm and fuzzy!

First hand accounts are all fine and good, but what is it about a story of a story. Of a story? Of a….. That recognizes itself, above all else. The more removed, the more reflective (or is that reflexive) the more drawn in I feel. Even a fictional narrator. Its not just breaking the fourth wall. Its the illusion of dialogue which accompanies that. Engagement. Sympathy.

This just in! David Bowie, live, on DNTO this Saturday. 4-5. Can you stand it? (Of course not).

Elsewhere in the world, has put together a fun little collection of quirk, cult and fringe topics. More of a pop encyclopedia than a library, but with a gazillion entries, who’s complaining?

Well, I do have one. Their write-up on Mind Control, didn’t mentioned at all, let alone MC.


Is “Metrosexual” supposed to be gender identity, orientation, or some confused muddle of the two. A classification for “Striaght boys who like moisturizer” seems excessive, even by current marketing standards, yes? ::plaintive::

But the spots are funny =P