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Is This Safe?

Daring to break my Once-a-Year stride ::oh my!:: by testing out LogJam (which comes in happy ebuild form), while I wait for gramofile to finish installing (special treat for toutomoutochan ^^). Its slick – dizzying even. It knows more about what I can do on LJ than I do o.O;;;

Good day (tremendous progress on naughty book storefront, finally, and see below – above? – for summer treats), boring evening. Flipping through numb magazine now. Christian Bok, non-mimetic extraordinaire. Brings Borges to mind. But probably in the most superficial of ways. Either way, I’m pulling Labyrinth out tonight.

And….. learning that I no longer know how to write at a terminal. When did this happen??

Words…. inside…. don’t…. come….. out……. sound-feel…… all…… broke…..

‘scuse as I go find some scritch-scritch making utensil. =)~

((magic send button, work?))