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Please Don't Touch My Misery, Don't Take It Away From Me

A can of coke (hangover headache food of the gods), and a tomato & basil sandwich on stale sourdough. Life is apparently good for a stood-up & stranded kind of day.

Could go to the fair anyway.

Don’t wanna, with a headache more energetic than I am today.

Could get the rest of the plants in the garden.

Don’t wanna, even though they are my 50 different variety of tomatoes.

Could scan in those photos I promised the girl in the parking lot last night.

Don’t wanna – seems to much like work.

Could get that system built for work….

Ditto above.

Could could could… ah…. yeah.

Could work on the travel log from last month’s trip, but that already feels like old news….

Could finish coding the sex code generator.

Don’t wanna, I’m fundamentally very lazy, I suppose.

Wanna snuggle in bed with someone who had other plans, eating the popcorn I forgot to buy, and watch all those videos that never got unpacked and I can’t find now.

Fuck lazy, I’m fundamentally whiney and never satisfied, I suppose.

But damn, this is a good tomato sandwich, stale bread and all.

Perhaps this is going to be a snuggle in bed with the cat, eat tomato sandwiches and watch cartoons kind of day.

That’ll do.