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Travelogue Part the Firste, in Which Nothing Happens

0512.1015: Car packed. Lenore settled. Trip tik in hand. We’re ready to go…. aren’t we??? ;_;

0512.1241 [odo: 205783]: Finally on the highway, delayed because Portus sucks. Listening to Jem & The Holograms (Arakune Dec 2000 mix CD). Rainy & general Mothers Day traffic fun. Nasty fluffy roadkill by 8 east exit. Too fluffy, actually. Might have been a stuffed animal. C drives.

0512.1246: C observes that we need to buy fuel.

0512.1247: Eating timbits & listening to Boss Drum. Still not on 401.

0512.125: Stop for gas at Petro Can in Kitchener. 64.4/litre & shiny pumps.

0512.1253: C learns the cold hard truth that the bank does not love him.

0512.1257: Bad news is Silver City is hideous. Good news is we’re finally on the 401! =D

0512.1304: After a long and exhausting first leg of driving, we’ve finally made it to Michigan!

0512.1305: No wait. Just an out of town license plate.

0512.1325: Never pour coffee cup to cup while other traffic is cutting you off while bouncing over the potholes on the 401 at 130km.h – it just makes girls grumpy and soaks the tim bits.

0512.1500: Tailgatting Kills.

0512.1514: Passing Puce Rd, Puce ON

0512.1515: Crossing Puce River, Puce ON

0512.1534: Now listening to Chumawamba. Climate is getting noticeably warmer =D Approaching the Ambassador Bridge.

0512.1537: Flash rain while crossing bridge. Love these sun roofs!

0512.1600: C wants a bumper stickers which reads “Go, youza’, go!”. Waiting in the backlog @ customs. No music T_T

0512.1606: Cleared customs despite the fact that Stephie has no documentation declaring her legitimacy in either country. Narrowly missed the spot check line.

0512.1611: Detroit rocks. Really made it onto 75S this time.

0512.1651: Entering Ohio. In search of meat ::slaver::

0512.1653: Off highway for food, fuel, trade off driving.

0512.1730: Done Wendies & fuel – on to Dayton! Stephie is driving now, looking very styling in Euro-style sunglasses, and 12 hole unlaced docs. Trip ODO is 360km. Lenore is lounging in the dash box in a sort of saucey fashion.

0512.1732: Our Lady of the Inside Out Pocky

0512.1740: Still overcast, but dry, hotish and bloody muggy. Leaving sunroof open @ 130 not quite sufficient, but no music is hard to take too….

0512.1828 [odo: 206258]: Deer roadkill — ouch! Now on track 9 of Depeche Mode Singles (missed music change)

0512.1830: Big Jesus Barn (before exit 138 on Northbound side).

0512.1906: passing through Piqua & Urbana (whatta name!), home to an Aunt & cousins. Oh — and we’re back to dirty grey sky & rain. At least its cooler. Lenore looks bored.

0512.1920: 65 — Waffle House. (Took picture of HWY services sign)

0512.1930: Northbound exit 156 — Needmore Rd!

0512.1936: Exit 58 — Waffle House

0512.1941: Exit for Xenia (35 east) where Stephie’s Grandpa lives. (insert D3-20, D2-5->8)

0512.1950: Torrential downpour. Visibility ~20m (sometimes quite unable to see lights of preceding car), lightening.

0512.1953: Mostly able to see again. Road miasma remains Strong.

0512.1956: Exit 36 — Waffle House.